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The School Nutrition Team invites your children to join us for School Breakfast and Lunch!

St. Rose participates in the USDA National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Each day we offer nutritious meals consisting of whole grains, a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods and low-fat dairy.   Our lunches are kid-friendly and we encourage students to expand their tastes for new foods throughout the year with try-it days, themed lunches and seasonal food offerings.  We aren’t “Lion” when we say our school meals ROAR!

Good nutrition really is all about the food!  

Our menu and nutrition education teaches students:

o   Food is nourishment. Whole foods are better than highly processed foods.

o   The food we eat affects our health, now and in the future.

o   Food is part of our culture.

o   Food takes resources to produce and prepare.

o   Nutritious food can look AND taste good!

USDA has ended the pandemic waivers that provided free meals to all students for the past two school years.  In 2022-2023 we will be returning to lunch prices based on the student’s eligibility for free, reduced-price or paid meals.  Breakfast will continue to be offered each morning at no charge to students. Meal prices are as follows:

 K-8 Lunch:  $3.25

PK Lunch:  $2.75

A la carte prices:  Milk = $.60, Extra Entree = $1.00, Extra Fruit and Grains = $.50, Extra vegetables = Free

Applications for free/reduced-price meals are available at the school office or on the school website.

  For more information about the meal program please click on the following:

The School Nutrition Team is here to serve you!  Please contact me at [email protected]  if you have questions.

Kathleen Prechtel, RD

School Nutrition Director

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.