Extended Care

Extended Care is a childcare service for students when their class is not in session.

We are open from 6:30am until 6pm on school days.

2-hour delay: Extended Care opens @ 8:00am.

Information on early closings for Ex-Care will be emailed and posted on the school Facebook page.

  • Contract payments are due on Monday of the current week.
  • Hourly payments are due upon receipt of your bi-weekly bill.
  • No charge over Christmas break & Spring Break.
  • A $1 per minute charge will apply if children are not picked up by 6:01pm.
  • Extended Care will use emergency phone numbers listed on School registration forms in the event that we need to reach you. Please keep those numbers up to date.

All St. Rose School rules and policies apply to Extended Care.

*Friday after 3:00pm children are allowed to bring iPod, Gameboy, DS etc. All electronics need to have name clearly marked on the item.