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Dear friends,

We understand that choosing the right school for your child or loved one is one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make. Our website is full of great information that can help guide you through what it means to become a St. Rose Lion. We encourage you to spend some time on the website to become better acquainted with the school community and the many programs that we offer both in and out of the classroom. Beginning with the three-year-olds in Preschool, all the way through Grade 8, our school is committed to each student’s spiritual and academic growth.

A few things to consider during your exploration of school options.

  • It is proven that Catholic school students score above average on national academic tests. Nationally, 99.1 percent of students at Catholic high schools graduate. Locally, 91.4 percent of graduates from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis go on to college, compared to 44.1 percent of public school graduates.
  • Catholic schools provide an education that goes beyond preparation for a secular life. They produce students dedicated to their faith, values, families and communities by providing an intellectually stimulating environment rich in spiritual and moral development.
  • Commitment to service is a core value of Catholic schools. Catholic students learn service—giving their time, talents and effort to help others—both as an expression of faith and good citizenship.
  • Nearly 30 percent of Catholic school students come from minority populations. Enrollment of students who are not Catholic is 14.9 percent, an indication many diverse families seek the benefits of a quality education with moral underpinnings.

We know that the longer children are in Catholic Schools the better they perform. Read more at WHY CHOOSE A CATHOLIC SCHOOL.

Exploring online is only the beginning of this journey. If you’d like to learn more about our school it’s best to visit campus during one of the Open Houses or by private Tour. We are eager to introduce you to the students and faculty. The moment you arrive on campus you will know this is no ordinary place.

In the meantime, enjoy browsing and we hope to hear from you soon.