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Our Elementary Grades’ Physical Education program focuses on lifelong activity and fitness, skill and strategy development, development of sportsmanship and enjoyment of being active. Our emphasis is “Do your best and make yourself better every day!” The kindergarten through second grade curriculum consists of gross motor movements including running, jumping, skipping, hopping, galloping, etc., as well as body control, strength, balance, and coordination. Other skills taught include teamwork, sportsmanship, and literacy skills in physical education. Continuing in grades three, four, and five, students learn sport specific skills, fitness activities and participate in cooperative/challenge games.

Middle school Physical Education is taught twice a week. We cover lifelong activities of basketball and volleyball as well as floor hockey, dance, gymnastics and tennis with a mixture of fun games worked in between the major units. The students work on improving their fitness level throughout the year. The students keep a journal which includes personal goals and game rules as well as notes and research.