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Our Primary Department, Grades K-2, work on a continuum to build the foundational skills necessary to create independent readers, writers, and speakers. For reading and language arts, K-2 classrooms use the McMillian, McGraw, Hill program which is specifically aligned to the Indiana State Standards, and 6 Traits Writing. In addition, Read Naturally, Head Sprout, Raz Kids and Star Reading are supplemental materials that are used. Grade 2 is a year during which students are expected to be more independent readers and writers, as well as more responsible students. For math instruction, we use Houghton Mifflin program which is aligned to the Indiana State Standards. This program prepares students well for conceptual and deep understanding of mathematical concepts. In addition Fastmath is used as a supplement in order to develop and assure strong computation skills. We follow Indiana Academic Standards for Science and Social Studies with much hands-on learning and inquiry projects. In Grade 2 students use a more in-depth focus on content knowledge in the areas of Science and Social Studies. Each teacher uses a variety of supplemental resources to support the adopted academic programs based upon what the students are studying.

All K-2 classrooms use an Archdiocesan approved Religion workbook, series, as well as teacher-chosen supplemental materials to excite children about their faith. Kindergarten focuses on God’s creation, the life of Jesus, and saints. Grade 1 continues in the same areas as Kindergarten although in more depth, learning more about the liturgical year and the celebrations of Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, and ordinary time. They learn more in depth about special feast days through the year, and continue a look at saints in order to learn about models of Christian faith. Kindergarten, First and Second grades plan and participate in school Masses. Grade 2 students focus on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and prepare for and celebrate their first Holy Communion. Religion permeates all areas of academics, and Catholic identity is very obvious at St. Rose both inside and outside the classrooms.