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Emphasizing spiritual values rooted in following in Jesus’ footsteps, we, the intermediate teachers, provide a Christian environment which nurtures self-esteem, personal growth, mutual respect, and as our school motto says, excellence in education.

Some curriculum highlights for intermediate grades are: Art, Music, Library Sciences, Physical Education, and STEM activities and labs.

We also employ NWEA fluency assessments in grades 1-5 for reading and math data tracking and ensuring growth in these areas.

Finally, we celebrate academic diversity through a fully staffed resource department, Title One based in the Orton Gillingham model, and a high ability coordinator.

3rd grade snapshot…

*Making Religion and Social Studies go hand-in-hand we focus on loving our neighbor and about being community with those around us. It is prefect that we introduce the seven Sacraments since they are community based gifts from God.

*Math finds us diving into multiplication and division.

*In trying to be good stewards of the Earth, Science class finds us learning about plants and animals and how they make up our environment.

*The children are given the chance to show off their knowledge through three BIG reports. They will be thrilled to tell you they have learned about animals, presidents, and the 50 states.


4th grade snapshot…

*Practicing “Five Components” of Language Arts: fluency, analyzing literature through discussion and writing, comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. We also incorporate different styles of writing including narrative, persuasive, research, and poetry. Our students also perfect construction of complete sentences using proper punctuation and expression.

*Religion for us in the in-depth study of the Seven Sacraments, Prayer, and deepening our faith through the understanding of the Creed.

*Go Math helps us engage in Operations and Algebraic thinking while using numbers and operations in base ten. Rounding out our study with measurements, use of data, and geometry.

*Social Studies and Science complete our study of Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences, engineering, history, and the geography that makes up our state.


5th grade snapshot…

*The best biography written about is the Bible. As fifth graders that is what we will be studying. All things Bible. We will accomplish this through understanding scripture, learning to look up Bible verses, reading both New and Old Testament, and finally learning about saints that followed in the footsteps of Jesus.

*Reading and Language Arts in 5th grade reinforce the writing process, grammar usage, and punctuation. Writing paragraphs help us become proficient writers of all different types of essays.

*STEM has us doing experiments to reinforce what we are learning in class. Some fun times have been making parachutes, dissecting worms, and creating food webs and chains.

*Social Studies will be all things America. United States history leads us on a road that will help us visit U. S. Geography, the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Constitution, the Civil War, and the formation and life in the colonies.

*One would think that is enough learning for any Fifth Grader, but we become well rounded by studying the following in Math… multiplication with multiple digits, place value, dividing with whole numbers, adding and subtracting decimals, fractions, applying patterns, graphing, units of measure and geometry.