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Grades 3-5 work to build upon the solid foundation of skills included in the primary program while gradually progressing to more complex tasks such as inquiry units, projects, and presentations. Much more emphasis is placed on fostering independence, developing organizational skills such as time management, and responsibility. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are honed. Students begin to participate in standardized testing beginning in 3rd grade. Students in the Intermediate Department are moving from learning to read into reading to learn. The language arts curriculum includes, depending upon the grade level, a published language arts series, novels, literature circle groups, and supplemental materials. Intermediate grade levels use Houghton Mifflin program which is aligned to the Indiana State Standards. This program prepares students well for conceptual and deep understanding of mathematical concepts. In addition Rocket Math is used as a supplement in order to develop and assure strong computation skills. In the areas of Science and Social Studies, teachers follow the Indiana State Standards, using both published and supplemental materials as needed. All students participate in Computer/Library, Art, Music and Physical Education classes as well.

Development of social/emotional skills are ongoing in each 3-5 classroom and beyond at the school-wide level. Social/emotional skills are incorporated across the curriculum through student to teacher, and student to student relationships. Teachers use “teachable moments” in the classroom to take advantage of opportunities which will help young students develop lifelong skills to ultimately help them become responsible and kind citizens of the world. Intermediate students are unique in that they are beginning to come of age. They are gradually given more opportunities to interact socially through extracurricular activities such as CYO Sports, Student Council and academic clubs.

Intermediate level students continue to participate in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and faith learning is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum, following the Archdiocesan Standards for Religion. Catholic Identity is an obvious part of each classroom and at St. Rose as a whole. Grades 3-5 use Archdiocesan approved workbooks for faith-based instruction and supplement this instruction with many special activities depending upon the grade level. All students plan and participate in school Masses. Throughout each grade level students in the Intermediate Department are more interactive in special activities such as scripture study and reaching out to the community through service.