School Commission

The school commission is a working group of five (5) to fifteen (15) members who are appointed by the pastor/PLC. Each member serves for three (3) consecutive years as a consultative body for the pastor/PLC and administrator(s). The principal purpose for which the commission is formed is to promote and advance the mission of St Rose School for the education and instruction of students, and to adopt in connection therewith a course of education in Catholic principles and an educational program as prescribed by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana. The overall roles of the school commission are classified in four (4) major categories: Planning, Monitoring, Policy-Making and Communication. In addition, the board assists with securing financial support and human resources for the advancement of the mission of the school.

An attitude of teamwork, cooperation, unity and mutual respect is required for effective service. Commission members serve on behalf of the entire membership of the parish and thus do not serve on the commission to advocate a single issue or set of issues.

School Commission Application 5-12-17


Executive Committee

Asha Roesener


Emily Marten
Facilities Committee/Marketing Committee

Justin Kruer
Facilities Committee

Erin Voland

Becky Floyd

Father Steve Schaftlein

If you are interested in speaking with a commission member, joining a subcommittee or applying for school commission please contact Mrs. Rebecca Floyd.

School Commission Minutes 31AUG2017

School Commission Minutes 5OCT2017