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Week of February 24 through February 28

Religion– We have started our notes on Lent. On days we take notes I hope the students bring them home to study so they are not trying to cram everything in when we finish the notes. Please ask you precious one to share when we take notes.

Science-Simple and complex machines help us do work with less force, or effort. This unit explains what work is, as well as the relationship between force and distance. It introduces the seven traditional simple machines and how they function. One or more simple machines may be combined to form complex machines capable of doing many repetitive, difficult, complicated, or dangerous tasks. Understanding how various machines work will help students to choose appropriate machines and use them properly. Please study highlighted material.

 Social Studies– We have begun our research project titled Fabulous African Americans that Made a Difference. All work on the project will be completed in class. All projects are due Monday March 2nd. Please check with your peep to see if they are using their class time wisely and following all directions.

Math “We will be working on dividing by tens, hundreds, and thousands this week.  We will also talk about estimating quotients and using the distributive property to divide”

 Language Arts– For our novel study we will read Hoot. Some of the skills we will practice are figurative language, vocabulary and different ways to show we comprehend and can retell the story.We are using a new reading strategy called RACE. Today we practiced the R, restating the question.   Tomorrow we will add the A.   Stayed tuned.

Extra Extra

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Art

.Wednesday: Lent Begins…Mass for Ash Wednesday 8:30   Music Early dismissal

Thursday: Mass  8:15    P.E.

Friday:  PE