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“Bears” is our theme of the week.  Today we read the classic story, “Corduroy”.  It has always been one of my favorites!  I told the students that they can bring a teddy bear to school on Wednesday.

We’re also learning the song/chant: “Going on a bear hunt”.  We will be singing “Teddy Bears’ Picnic, too.

Our letter of the week is Mm. Our number is 8.

I will be out on Tuesday and Mrs. Gina Phelps will be here along with Miss Eastham.

We practiced writing our names today!  We are going to work on this one day each week from now till May, in hopes that we will all be great at this skill for next school year!

Tomorrow is “Fat Tuesday” or Mardi Gras.  Wednesday is the beginning of Lent.  We will be working on good deeds for Lent and will add a bean to our good deeds jar every time we do a good deed. At Easter, the beans will change to jelly beans!!!!  This is a simple but good way to celebrate Lent with little ones.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Langferman