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Week of January 27 through January 31

Religion– All things Mass.   We will review the peopleand parts of the Mass and move into understanding the objects of Mass.

 Science-Simple and complex machines help us do work with less force, or effort. This unit explains what work is, as well as the relationship between force and distance. It introduces the seven traditional simple machines and how they function. One or more simple machines may be combined to form complex machines capable of doing many repetitive, difficult, complicated, or dangerous tasks. Understanding how various machines work will help students to choose appropriate machines and use them properly.

Social Studies–Indiana was always a free state, even though some Hoosiers believed in Slavery.   This week, we will examine the situation in Indiana during the 1860s.

Math-We are working our way through multiplying 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers with regrouping.  We will also be working on assignments on-line starting this week.  Possible test next week!

 Language Arts– For our novel study we will read Hoot. Some of the skills we will practice are figurative language, vocabulary and different ways to show we comprehend and can retell the story. We will also begin having a spelling list weekly.   This week we will work with the suffix tion. When adding tion to a word it changes the word from a verb to a noun. Our first spelling test will be Wednesday February 5th. We are proofreading our writing and will begin peer editing for feedback and refinement.

 Extra Extra Catholic Schools week

Monday: Library   Art Pajama Day

Tuesday: Future day Dress as you want to be in the future.

.Wednesday: Music Favorite sports team day. All school BINGO in gym

Thursday: Mass  8:15 Tye Dye Day P.E.

Friday: P.E. Spirit wear Musical chairs in the PLC 1:30

PUNK-N-R0CK AND CHILI SUPPER- DINNER AT 5:30; punk-n-rock at 7 pm