Lion Cubs are definitely starting to play with friends more now.  In the beginning of the year, they did more “side by side” playing.  Now they actually play with another student much of the time.

We are working on assessments this week and next.  Actually, we started on some last week as well.  Miss Eastham and I will be checking to see if they know their colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.  We don’t expect them to know all of them, but it’s nice to see how they are doing. We also want to make sure they are holding a pencil/crayon correctly.  We are letting them practice cutting with school “kid” scissors and making sure they are able to use a glue stick and paintbrush as well.  Listening skills are also very important.  These reports will come home the first week in January.

We are having celebrating Advent this week and getting ready for Christmas.  Today we put another light on our Advent wreath.  Only two more Sundays of Advent left!

We are talking about the letter Ee this week.  We also have some fun crafts planned!

Our school is currently having a Book Fair.  Stop by before or after school and check it out!  It’s a great gift idea and you don’t have to go to the store, because it’s all right here!

Next week we will have a Santa Shop.  Your child will have a chance to buy items for gifts (the items are usually priced from $1 to $5).  You will be able to make a list for your child and include who they are to shop for and how much they can spend.  lease limit the gifts to immediate family (not friends).  It will take too long if they have more than a half dozen gifts to buy!  Miss Eastham and I will help them shop (also there will be parents there to help).

Next week we have school all week, but we have early dismissal on Friday, Dec. 20 .  Dismissal that day is at 1:00 p.m. for the school.  Preschool will dismiss at 12:30.

Have a great week!  Enjoy your little ones!  Christmas time with little ones is the best!

Mrs. Langferman