Hello All,

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Week!! This week, we only have two days of school, as break starts on Wednesday. I am not sending students with homework sheets, but am asking them to practice memorizing their multiplication tables.

Religion – Today (Monday) we will have a quiz on the Glorious Mysteries. Tomorrow, we will pray the rosary as a class.

Math – We will continue Multiplication by single and double digits. We will also begin working on memorizing multiplication sets. I provided each student with a 1-10 multiplication chart. They will take this home over break and practice – please feel free to practice with your student!

Science – We will continue exploring tundras.

Social Studies – We will have a quiz on Squanto.

Language Arts – We will continue our ongoing reading and discussion of The One and Only Ivan.


I will be out traveling for Thanksgiving but will receive emails over break.


Warmest wishes to you and yours,

Ms. White