Hello All,

A few quick notes…

Blessing Baskets are being gifted to families this week! Drop off deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 20th Please drop your items in the baskets outside our 4th grade classroom. If you have any frozen items, please let me know so I can store them away until delivery. Please email me if you are unable to drop your items by Wednesday so we can arrange a time before the baskets are delivered.



Looking forward to this week…

Religion – We will study the Glorious Mysteries.

Math – We will continue Multiplication by single and double digits.

Science – We will delve into the icy, polar tundras and the resilient creatures that call the harsh regions home.

Social Studies – We will discuss the history of Thanksgiving – the rocky voyage of the Mayflower from England to Plymouth, the Pilgrim’s first harsh winter in America, and the helpful, friendly, Indian Squanto.

Language Arts – We will continue our ongoing reading and discussion of The One and Only Ivan. This book is rich with symbolism and big ideas – feel free to ask your student about what they’ve read so far!


As usual, please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns. While I do not receive emails in the evening / on weekends, I do receive them first thing in the morning Monday – Friday.



Elizabeth White

[email protected]