3rd Grade Weekly Wave

RELIGION  In Chapter 5 we will be talking about how Jesus teaches us to heal and forgive.  We will talk about Original Sin and how Jesus Heals a sick man.  We will read about St. Francis of Assisi and what it means to show compassion and Mercy. I am looking at a test on Wednesday or Thursday this week.  Please see the link below for the TEST HINTS.  

Religion Study Guide 5

**Don’t forget that all students should be in Mass uniform.
Girls – plaid jumper/skirt or blue pants with a white shirt/blouse
Boys – blue pants and white shirt

 SPELLINGThis week our words are words with /ur/ sounds (turns, first, herds, learn).  Our tests will be on Wednesday and Friday this week. Please see the link below for the new list of words. 

Week 13-15

READING – Our story this week is “Saving the Sand Dunes.” We will be working on Vocabulary, cause and effect, and using the library resources.  Our test will be on Friday.

GRAMMAR /VOCAB. – In Grammar, we will be working on past-tense verbs and using commas in a series.  We will also be working on new vocabulary words our Vocabulary notebooks.  We will work on Lessons 7 and 8 over the next few weeks. 

MATHWe will start Chapter 4 this week.  This will get us into actually looking at the multiplication facts, now that we have talked about what multiplication looks like and means.  This week we will look at multiplying by 2,3,4,5,6, and 10.  We will also talk about the Distributive Property of Multiplication. I have attached the TEST HINTS for Chapter 4, but there is no test scheduled yet.
**Please be sure to keep working on the Multiplication Sundae facts with your child!  We are off to a great start!
Math Study Guide 4

SCIENCE – We are focusing on Social Studies for the next few weeks.

SOCIAL STUDIES –In our next chapter we will be talking about communities and where we are on Earth.  We will talk about how communities are different sizes and that each one has a story.   We will also look at reading maps and timelines.  I don’t have a test scheduled yet, but I am hoping to do it before Thanksgiving break.  I have attached the TEST HINTS below.

Social Studies Study Guide 2

Since we have made it through our first 9-weeks, we need to make sure we are all clear on the homework policy for the classroom.  During the first 9 weeks, I try to make new copies of missing work and I ask several times if they have their missing work.  (The work can be work taken home to complete or assignments worked on in class.)
Student work is to be turned in when it is due.  Here is what it looks like if that doesn’t happen…any work not completed or turned in will result in a 0 in the grade book.  Your student will have until the following week to turn in the missing or incomplete work.  If it is not turned in or completed by this point, your student will choose to turn the temporary zero to into a permanent zero.  I also do not do extra credit.  I expect the work to be completed on time.  As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please email me and let me know.  


Nov. 22 – All School Thanksgiving Feast; BLESSING BASKET ITEMS DUE!
Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 – Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 1 – First Sunday of Advent
Dec. 2 – School Resumes
Dec. 6 – Spirit Day
Dec. 10 – PRIDE Meeting
Dec. 12 – Christmas Program 6:30pm (Students will arrive at 6:15)
Dec. 17-18 – PRIDE Secret Santa Shop (details to come)
Dec. 18 – Student Council NUT Day
Dec. 19 – 3rd grade leads All School Mass
Dec. 20 – Last Day of School – Classroom Parties (time to be announced) and DISMISSAL at 1pm
Jan. 6 – School Resumes 


Please click the link below to see the information about the St. Rose Blessing Baskets! This is something we do every year, along with the Religious Education classes.


Information will be coming home today about our Multiplication Sundaes.  This is a fun way for the students to work on their multiplication facts.  Please look in your child’s folder for this information. There is a place for you to sign and have your child return the slip of paper to me on Tuesday!  If you have any questions, please let me know!  Then start encouraging your child to learn their facts!  Just a few minutes each night will make a huge difference!  🙂
I have attached a copy of what is coming home today…just in case you need another copy throughout the next few weeks!
Multiplication Sundae Letter

If you do not have your Jupiter account set up for alerts through email or text messages, please consider doing so in the near future.  I have been using the Jupiter system to log in behaviors (good and not-so-good).  If set up correctly, you can receive these alerts when I send them.  This will also be a convenient and quick way for you to receive alerts in case of snow delays or closings. **On a side note, I am not completely sure how to do this as a parent, but from my end as a teacher, I have to go under “set-up” and click the notifications on that I want to have for alerts.  If you have questions, please let me know or feel free to call the office.  We will figure it out together!  🙂 

School Sweatshirts –
 Please be aware that the uniform policy says “School sweatshirts are the only ones allowed and must be worn with a collared uniform shirt underneath.”   I usually have my window opened at least a little all year long, so if your child is one to get cold easily, you may want to make sure they have and bring, a school uniform sweatshirt to wear in class.

Also, as we get closer to winter weather, please be sure your child comes to school each day with a coat or heavy jacket.  Hats and gloves are also good to have tucked into the pockets!  We will go outside unless it is 25 degrees or below!  ALL STUDENTS NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR OUTDOOR RECESS!!!

It is very important for the students to be at school every day and on time and ready to go each day!  An important part of the day is the first 10-15 minutes when the kids come in the room.  They need time to talk, turn in work, use the restroom, etc. before we get our day started!  When the kids come in late, they are missing the time to settle in and get prepared for the day.  Please try to have your child/ren to school before the tardy bell rings at 8 am!
AS STATED IN THE HANDBOOK – If your child is tardy 3 times during the month, they will not be allowed to dress out of uniform for Spirit Day.  If they have 6 or more tardies in the same month, they will not be allowed to dress out of uniform nor will they be allowed to participate in Spirit Day. The timing on this goes from SPIRIT DAY of one month to the day before the SPIRIT DAY of the next month. 

GOLDEN TICKETS REWARD SYSTEM – Please click on the link below to read my letter that explains our Golden Ticket Reward System.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Golden-Ticket-Reward-System-3 (1)

Monday  – ART
Tuesday  –  LIBRARY 
Wednesday  -PE and  EARLY DISMISSAL 
Thursday  – MASS and  PE (students need PE Uniforms)