All Classes: I have been working on grades and am in the process of loading scores into Jupiter. Thanks for your patience. One of the side effects of radiation is the eventual demise of the thyroid, so right now I am working with the doctors to regulate my medication. I have a lot of neat science projects planned for the upcoming months. I just purchased five robotic kits and will be buying animals to dissect – all with money raised from the fall flower sale. If I have any money left over, I will purchase more robotics.

“Failure is not and option.” As we focus on these five words, one way we can avoid failure is making sure all students do the assigned homework. For my math classes, the goal each day is to provide 20 minutes of instruction, 10 minutes of students working sample problems, and giving 15 minutes to students to work on homework and ask questions. Sometimes they can finish within the time constraints. If not, I do expect them to finish at home. They are welcome to come in at 7:30 each morning for help.

5th Science – Phases of the Moon. We will be doing an activity on Tuesday with Oreo cookies.

6th Science – Imaginary Animal Project – this is a big project that involves many STEAM components.

7th Science – Energy Waves

8th Science – Continuing with Genetics and Heredity.

6th Math – Addition and Subtraction of Fractions.

7th Math – Algebraic Expressions and Equations.

8th Math – Functions.