Blessed November!

Hello All,

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful November. A few notes…

Sweatpants – Dismissal has been a bit chilly this past week! Please send your student with a pair of sweatpants to pull over their gym shorts before heading out the door for car pickup.

Belts – If your student is in pants, please have them double check they have belts on before leaving the house.

Homework – We are all working very hard together in the classroom during school hours! With that said, 4th graders will be taking home study guides and homework to ensure comprehension of subject matter.


Religion – Our ongoing studies of the Rosary will continue this week as we explore the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Math – We will expand on the concepts of multiplication, repeated addition, and arrays.

Science – Environments and Habitats will be continued. We will be discussing survival tactics of specific creatures, asking ourselves what their needs are and how they meet them.

Social Studies – We will continue to exploring the native tribes of Indiana. We will start discussing the Iroquois tribes, specifically, the Haudenosaunee tribe. We will learn some sign language terms, as tribes used this to communicate across language barriers.

Language Arts – We will continue to read The One and Only Ivan. We will learn about Root Words and also start our Weekly Vocabulary List.


As usual, please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns. While I do not receive emails in the evening / on weekends, I do receive them first thing in the morning Monday – Friday.



Elizabeth White

[email protected]