A wonderful Sabbath to you all! Had a great week, last week! Looking forward to another this week!
5th grade has been doing awesome on their chapter work, and we will continue our journey starting with chp. 7.
6th grades been so good these past days since the break, and I tell them how proud I am! We’ll be doing worksheets on women of the Bible and preparing for our next essay.
7th grade will be getting back into some chapter work, again. Also, some worksheet on the New Testament.
8th grade has been given a slide project due the 12th. They have a choice on what to do it on, and it has to reflect their faith and or gift! I’m excited to read them!
All the classes will be joining with Mrs. Burgener and myself on Tuesday in the church to learn and refresh on the Holy items of the Mass, the Church and different sectors of worship and the names that go with them. Yo and I are teaming up to do some fun things and learning about our Church and our Savior through out the rest of the year! Looking forward to building a closer relationship with the parish/school at St. Rose!
What a joy and blessing to be working with your children and the staff here at St. Rose
God bless!