Week of October 28th, 2019

     Hello and Welcome!

I apologize for not sending out any updates last week. The week was busy yet fruitful! As I’m sure you can imagine, we all miss Mrs. Tieken’s steady presence, but the students have welcomed me with grace and patience as we learn and grow together. They are truly a delight to encounter daily.

Please note this week we will NOT be dressing up for Halloween, but will have a All Saints Day celebration in the classroom on Friday, November 1st. Mrs. Tieken took time to put together a party box – I am so excited to open up all the surprises with the class!


A recap of LAST week…

In Religion, we discussed the Rosary. We reviewed the steps in praying the Rosary, and learned about the Joyful Mysteries – I’m sure your student will be happy and proud to tell you about Mary’s “Fiat”!

In Math, we learned about place values through 100 and multiplication by tens. The students worked together on a tissue box activity that provided some glorious “AHA” moments in understanding how place values build by 10’s.

In Science, we began exploring elevation and latitude as building blocks of habitats – why some locations are better fit for some animals, but not others (ie. a polar bear would not be happy in the Amazon or African plains.)

In Social Studies, we read about the Paleo Indians who were the first to travel to the Western Hemisphere via an icy land-bridge, and who eventually became the native tribes of America. We discussed adaptation, conservation, and stewardship.


Looking forward to THIS week…

Religion – In the spirit of All Saints Day, students are researching their “birthday saint”! They are collecting details and pictures to share on a poster that will be displayed in the hallway

Math – We will dive deeper in to multiplication, moving beyond tens, and continuing to build on the concept of multiplication comparisons. I plan to revisit our now familiar tissue box activity to apply this same concept with new number sets.

Science – We will continue exploring the building blocks of Habitats, covering climate, land and water, and discussing adaptations.

Social Studies – We will continue to explore the native tribes of America. This week we will hone in on the Miami Algonquian –  largest Algonquian tribe in Indiana. We will explore their village and day to day life- their homes, their chores, their games, and their adaptations.

Language Arts – We will continue to read The One and Only Ivan, and wrap up similes with a review. Additionally, we will have a spookie Monster Mash themed reading and writing activity on Thursday!


That wraps up our week! Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns. While I do not receive emails in the evening / on weekends, I do receive them first thing in the morning Monday – Friday.



Elizabeth White

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