Week of September 30, 2019


Just need to share a few facts before we get to the happenings of the week.
Incase you did not receive this in your email today…

 Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!

Important! Important! Important!
It is with a sad heart that I share this news. Last week I received the following email…

“I just wanted to pass along some information about next week’s program. We were just informed today that we will have contractors coming in on Oct 1-2 to do major repairs on the Conservatory glass and vent mechanism. They have asked that we close the Conservatory to the public for these days to allow for their equipment and work.”

What that means for us and the reason my heart is sad is THERE WILL BE NO FIELD TRIP WEDNESDAY.

They offered to reschedule us, but the only other times they have are during Fall Break. This is such a terrific trip I hate not to be able to go. I will however look for another field trip opportunity in the spring.

Please as your precious one to give you back the money you sent in. I will be sending it in the green folders this afternoon.

Thank you to all who volunteered to go. For now know we will go to the Symphony in February and I will be looking into another adventure for the spring.

Peace and blessings,
Mrs. Tieken

On the supply list you received at the beginning of the year it requested you send $8 for a Bible.   It is my understanding that the children received a Bible for their First Holy Communion. If they still have that Bible you are in luck because that is the edition we will be using. So, with that said I need the children to either bring the $8 or their Bible by Friday October 4th.

This last fact is the most important thing you need to read this week.

OUR CONFERENCES ARE STUDENT LED. Yes, your child comes to the conference with you and they will tell you all about being responsible for their education. Again, OUR CONFERENCES ARE STUDENT LED. Invitations to attend are in our green folders today.

Religion– Have you prayed for the “prayers in the plate”? Do you know who the People at Mass are? If you said no to the second question, ask your peeps to get out their religion notes so you can learn and study with them. Yes, our focus and all activities are centered on the Mass.

Math As I said last week our math studies will have us engaging in activities for place value, addition, and subtraction one to one million. I took the book home and have a better grasp on when you can expect to see math homework. So, coming to a backpack near you soon…Math homework.

Science– You have not seen the last of vertebrates. They will be back when we study invertebrates. In the mean time we will be taking a side trip to food chains. All other reading and activities will center around food chains and webs. You should be seeing and helping the crew study highlighted materials.

Social Studies We have begun our studies of the Hopewell and Mound builders. All activities will reflect this study. Look for highlighted material and please study nightly.

Language Arts– We are hard at work preparing for conferences. Because the students are leading them they are learning to map their presentation and practice “public” speaking. Oh my goodness, I am extremely impressed by what I am seeing so far. In awe is how I imagine they will leave you feeling at the end of the conference.  We began creating our non fiction text features lap book today.   The covers are beautiful. Completed lap books will be on display during those student lead conferences.

  Extra Extra

  • Monday: Library
  • Tuesday: Art
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass
  •                  P.E.
  • Friday       P.E.

As always contact me at 317-787-0371 with questions, comments, or concerns. One last thing. I DO NOT check my email at night so the phone is the best way to reach me if you need me right away.


Peace and blessings