Week of September 16, 2019

Religion– Have you prayed for the “prayers in the plate”?   We have finished our study of Sacraments. Please look for practice in the different types of prayer

Math: STEM…in case you don’t know that stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math.   Last week we accomplished our first activity that falls in that category. We measured and designed paper chains to get the greatest length with the given materials. So we hit upon the Engineering and Math components.   Look for more of these activities this week.

Science– You have not seen the last of vertebrates. They will be back when we study invertebrates. In the mean time we will be taking a side trip to food chains.   This will prepare us for our first field trip. On Wednesday October 2nd we will travel to Garfield Park for a program called EAT OR BE EATEN. Come join us for the trip it is a wonderful learning tour.

Social Studies This week our studies will take us backing time when the Native Americans inhabited the majority of Indiana We will start with the Hopewell and the Mound builders and all activities will reflect this study.   Look for highlighted material and please study nightly.

Language Arts– Our Chocolate test is tomorrow. The reviews we have done have been great so I am sure everyone will score well. One last review tonight everyone will solve a true or false activity. This week are vocabulary list will take us beyond our limits so we can create interesting lists to use in our writing. We will also create heart maps. They will reflect ten people, places, and things that they keep close in their hearts, and will help generate ideas for writing in the future. We will also begin the study of non fiction text features. Everyone will need a photgraph of themselves as part of this study. I will let the children know when we need them.

Extra Extra There are graded papers coming home with your precious ones today. As I said in the Back to School Night letter, any work not completed or turned in will result in a 0 in the grade book. Your student will have until the following week when I empty “the pit of misery” for grading a second time to turn in the missing or incomplete work. If it is not turned in or completed the second time, your precious one will choose that temporary zero to become permanent. This is reflected in some of the scores in the gradebook this week. As always questions, comments, or concerns please call. Your precious one has our number in their journal.

We are in charge of Mass this week. If your child has a speaking part, it will come home in the green folder tomorrow. All children must also wear Mass uniforms unless announced otherwise.   The Mass uniform is as follows…Girls-Plaid jumper or skirt, or navy pants with white shirt Boys…Navy pants white shirt and belt.

As I said up in the Science section, our first field trip will be Wednesday October 2nd. More details will be coming home Thursday. If you would like to join us, this is your heads up to get the time off if you need to.


  • Monday: Library
  • Tuesday: Art
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass Our children are hosting this celebration
  •                  P.E.
  • Friday       P.E.