Last week, ILEARN scores, school pictures, trash bag forms, and a pink paper with important dates came home. The pink paper had a link for parent-teacher conference sign-ups. An email also went out about that. If you have not seen any or some of these, please ask your student. I have seen some of these items still in folders.

Here is what we are doing this week:

Language Arts: We are learning how to find the theme in literature this week. Students will find the theme in stories we have already read and will then find theme in new passages and books. We will work on List 6 in vocabulary and will test on lists 5 and 6 on Friday. We are continuing to use mentor sentences to review parts of speech before we move on to new grammar skills. In writing workshop, we are reviewing the trait organization and will learn the traits voice and word choice. Students must have a fiction book read by October 2 and take an AR test. This must be a book that they started since taking their last AR test. Students also need to keep on completing the 18 Book Challenge.

Math: We are reviewing the properties of multiplication and addition and will learn the distributive property. We will work on our study guide this week, as we will take Chapter 1 Test, part 1 next Tuesday (tentatively scheduled).

Social Studies: We are learning about Native American groups in the United States.



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