We had a great week! Discussed the tragedy of the terrorist attack of 9/11, with all the classes, to help preserve the history of such a infamous time in our country. If you haven’t, you might discuss your memories of that dramatic day!
5th grade took their 1st standard religion test and did awesomely! We’ll be doing more chapter book lessons this week.
6th grade did a memorization quiz over the first 14 Books of the Bible and had good results, overall! They’ll be doing more chapter work as well.
7th grade will have a a quiz on the first 14 Books of the New Testament on the 19th this week.
8th grade will be doing some worksheets on the early history of the Church.
I will be out on Thursday and Friday this week and Ms. White will be subbing. She will take good care of all the classes!

Have a wonderful week! God bless! Steve Antle