This week, ILEARN scores came home today, we start trash bag sales, AND beginning band will begin on Thursday.

Here is what we are learning about this week:

Language Arts:  We are reviewing how to make inferences. Students will make inferences from texts and pictures and will provide textual evidence as to how they were able to make that inference. We will begin to learn about the 6 traits of writing. We will start with the traits of ideas and organization. Students will learn what the traits are, read mentor texts that demonstrate the traits, and learn songs that will help them remember the traits. They will then write pieces that demonstrate their understanding of the trait. We are beginning List 5 in vocabulary. Students will write sentences using the words and help compile a list of synonyms and antonyms. We will test over lists 5 and 6 next week. In grammar, we will continue to review basic grammar skills.

Math: We will review place value and begin looking at exponents and powers of 10, as well as multiplication patterns.

Social Studies: We are beginning to look at early Native American groups around North America.



Monday:  Art     Tuesday: Library        Wednesday: PE    Thursday: Choir, Mass, Band, Music          Friday: PE