A wonderful Day of the Lord to you, all! We are half way through the first quarter and everything is starting to gel! Quite swimmingly, I might add!
8th grade will be turning in their 1st essay on Wednesday. It is on the first Pentecost. We will also be starting on The Archdiocese Standards for not only the 8th grade, but the other grades as well!
7th grade will be starting chapter 3 in our book!
6th grade will be finalizing and putting to memory the first half of the Books of the Old Testament! A quiz will follow to test their success!
5th grade will be starting chapter 4 this week and going over Mass instructions laid out in the Roman Missal!                   Rosary checks have been impressive! There are better efforts to be made by a few, but everyone is receptive to being armed with the proper prayer tools! God bless and have a wonderful week!    Steve Antle