We only have four days this week, but we have a lot to squeeze in those four days! We will be STEEP testing on Wednesday. Spirit Day is on Friday. Students may come wearing St. Rose colors or spirit wear. We will hold Student Council elections that day. Middle schoolers are running for the offices.

Here is what we are learning about this week:

Language Arts: We are comparing and contrasting stories in the same genre by looking at literary elements. We will be continuing to build our writing stamina in our writing workshop as we learn about spelling strategies and build our topic bank. We will also study List 4 for vocabulary and will test over lists 3 and 4 on Friday.  Students must have taken their Accelerated Reading quiz over the book of their choice by Friday. This quiz counts as a grade. 

Math: We are looking at patterns of place value and multiplication. We are continuing to work on multiplying by two and three-digit numbers. The end game is to be using the standard algorithm, but right now, the students are fine to use the method that they are comfortable using.

Social Studies: We are working on longitude and latitude, as well as being able to label the bodies of water and landforms from the last few weeks on a map.



Monday: Art         Tuesday: Library        Wednesday: PE         Thursday: Choir, Band, Mass, Music          Friday: PE