Week of September 3, 2019

Religion– Have you prayed for the “prayers in the plate”?   All things Service and Vocation Sacraments will be our study. If your student studies their handwritten notes every evening they should have no worries come test time. Speaking of tests we should be ready for the test over Sacraments of healing on Tuesday September 10th. Ask for the notes nightly sometimes we write and sometimes we review. It is up to your precious one to know which we did that day. 

Math: We will work on adding and subtracting word problems. Practice makes perfect and so we will be doing much practice. This will be done through relays, worksheets, and flashcard around the world. We will also work on graphing this week.

Science– We have begun reading and highlighting vertebrates.  This week we will work with true and false activities, multiple choice, and fill in the blank activities. The vocabulary test was Friday August 30th. I will return them graded tomorrow. As I say each week, if your student studies vocabulary, and the worksheets we do every evening they should have no worries come test time.

Social Studies-Last week we learned about Mammals and fossils of Indiana. This week will wrap up the study of Indiana Symbols. We will also learn about the Northwest region of our home state. The students need to study vocabulary and highlighted notes from the newspaper every evening. This will help them solve worksheets and pop quizzes.

Language Arts– We are also working very hard on identifying parts of speech and what is a sentence or a fragment. Knowing the difference between nouns, verbs, and adjectives will may writing much easier when we begin paragraph writing. Being able to identify what is a sentence and what is not will help us create our own sentences. This week are vocabulary list will take us beyond our limits so we can create interesting lists to use in our writing. We will also create heart maps. They will reflect ten people, places, and things that they keep close in their hearts, and will help generate ideas for writing in the future.

Extra Extra

There are graded papers coming home with your precious ones Tuesday. As I said in the Back to School Night letter, any work not completed or turned in will result in a 0 in the grade book. Your student will have until the following week when I empty “the pit of misery” for grading a second time to turn in the missing or incomplete work. If it is not turned in or completed the second time, your precious one will choose that temporary zero to become permanent. This is reflected in some of the scores in the grade book this week. As always questions, comments, or concerns please call. Your precious one has our number in their journal.


If you are reading this on Monday September 2, Don’t forget our MUM sale ends on Tuesday September 3.

All children must also wear Mass uniforms unless announced otherwise. The Mass uniform is as follows…Girls-Plaid jumper or skirt, or navy pants with white shirt Boys…Navy pants white shirt and belt.

  • Monday: Library
  • Tuesday: Art
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass
  •                  P.E.
  • Friday       P.E.