Welcome to another week! Book orders are due Wednesday. I sent a reminder email with the class code. We have Mass on Thursday. We are taking Star Math on Wednesday. I will send math and reading scores home sometime next week.

Here is what we are up to this week:

Language Arts:

We are reviewing setting and how it affects the story. We are working on our third list in vocabulary. The test over list 3 and 4 will be NEXT Friday. I will email both lists to you today or tomorrow. We are reviewing basic parts of speech by using mentor sentences. We are setting up our binders in writing workshop and talking about basic procedures.


We are reviewing multi-digit multiplication. Students are using various methods to do this. If you are not comfortable with how your student is doing it but know they are getting the right answer, have them show you. If they are not getting the right answers and need help with helping them, stop in and I will help you with their method. This is our first full week with our math workshop! Fingers crossed for a smooth week! ūüôā

Social Studies:

We are finishing up our Instagram project on landforms and moving into the climate areas and vegetation of the United States.



Monday: Art    Tuesday: Library       Wednesday: PE      Thursday:   Music, Choir, Band, Mass       Friday: PE