RELIGION –    We will start on Chapter 1 this week.  We will be looking at how the Holy Spirit guides us.  We will talk about St. Paul and his message to Jesus’ followers and what we mean by “The Communion of Saints.”  We will also talk about a promise that Jesus made to his followers and to us.
Our Mass on Thursday will be a Holy Day Mass for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.  Please join us if you are able for this holy day of obligation.

*Don’t forget that all students should be in Mass uniform. Girls – plaid jumper or skirt with a white shirt/blouse.   Boys – blue pants and white shirt.

SPELLING –   Our first list of words will be words with short vowel sounds.  We will have a “pre-test” on Wednesday.  If your child gets 100% on Wednesday, they will not have to take the test on Friday.  If, however, they miss one or more on Wednesday, they will have to take the test again on Friday.  Below, you will find a link to the spelling words for the first three weeks.  Please print this off, or return to the website if you need the list.  Your child should also have a list of words from our spelling activity on Monday.  

week 1-3

READING Our first story is called “First Day Jitters.”  We will be working on vocabulary, character, setting, and plot of the story.  We will also work on bar graphs and compound words. We will have a test over this story on Friday.  

GRAMMAR /VOCAB. We will work on knowing the difference between statements and questions.  I would also like to start our Vocabulary series this week, but we will see how things go!  

MATH In our Math books we will start on Chapter 1 “Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000.”  We will work on number patterns, rounding to 10 and 100, and estimating sums.
**We are still waiting on our Math books to be delivered, so until all the books arrive, we will be doing our work from copies made from a book that I have. Once the books arrive, we will start using those!  Hopefully, they will be here this week!

SCIENCE – In our first chapter we will be talking about plants.  We will look at how living things are alike, the needs of plants, and the life cycle of a plant.  

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will focus on Science for a few weeks!

Aug. 14 – Back to School Night for MIDDLE SCHOOL – 6 – 7:30 pm in the PLC
Aug. 15 – Back to School Night for Pre – 5th Grades – 6 – 7:30 pm in the PLC
Aug. 21 – Fall School Pictures
Aug. 23 – Special All School Mass – Feast of St. Rose 8:30 am in the Church
Sept. 2 – NO SCHOOL – Labor Day
Sept. 6 – SPIRIT DAY

It is also very important for the students to be at school every day and on time and ready to go each day!  An important part of the day is the first 10-15 minutes when the kids come in the room.  They need time to talk, turn in work, use the restroom, etc. before we get our day started!  When the kids come in late, they are missing the time to settle in and get prepared for the day.  Please try to have your child/ren to school before the tardy bell rings at 8am!

School Sweatshirts –
 Please be aware that the uniform policy says “School sweatshirts are the only ones allowed and must be worn with a collared uniform shirt underneath.”   I usually have my window opened at least a little all year long, so if your child is one to get cold easily, you may want to make sure they have and bring, a school uniform sweatshirt to wear in class.

AS STATED IN THE HANDBOOK – If your child is tardy 3 times during the month, they will not be allowed to dress out of uniform for Spirit Day.  If they have 6 or more tardies in the same month, they will not be allowed to dress out of uniform nor will they be allowed to participate in Spirit Day. The timing on this goes from SPIRIT DAY of one month to the day before the SPIRIT DAY of the next month. 

GOLDEN TICKETS REWARD SYSTEM – Please click on the link below to read my letter that explains our Golden Ticket Reward System.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Golden-Ticket-Reward-System (3)

Monday  – ART
Tuesday  –  LIBRARY ( we are planning on starting next week)
Wednesday  –  PE and EARLY DISMISSAL
Thursday  – MASS and  PE (students need PE Clothes)