Hi Parents!

Homework will be in binders tonight.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for making sure that your child turned in the homework from last week!  Since next week is our last full week and we will have Kindergarten Mass, this will be our last week of homework.  Don’t forget I will be sending home a summer packet.  In addition, the Johnson County library came to our school this morning to talk to the students about signing up for the summer reading program.  Students can earn prizes, and it’s a great way to get your child excited about reading this summer.  I recommend checking that out!

I made a big oopsie with planning our Kindergarten Awards.  By error, I scheduled the time at 1:30 not thinking about our Wednesday early dismissal.  I would like to be able to allow parents and families of Kindergarteners to leave before everyone else on the day of the Awards Ceremony to avoid any problems with dismissal.  Therefore, I am changing the time from 1:30 to 1:00.  I hope this doesn’t mess up anyone’s schedule too much, and I apologize for the mistake!

Has your child told you about the arrival of our caterpillars?  They were so excited!  We are watching them closely every day.  Hopefully your child tells you about the process at home.

Please talk to your child about classroom behaviors/expectations for the last few weeks of school.  Summer fever is upon us!  We have so many fun things coming up, but these special things are earned.  If we are experiencing behavior issues, a student can miss the special things coming up.

I will begin planning our last Mass of the school year soon.  If your child is participating in this Mass, you will receive a letter THIS WEEK with details on what he/she is doing.

Don’t forget to sign up to help at Field Day if you are available.  Please see the link below.  Thank you!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  If you are able to help out on Field Day, please check out the Sign Up Genius https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0f4daba623a5f94-field

Please see a note below from Mrs. Pappas:

“As you all know, Mrs. Floyd has decided to resign as our principal.  Mrs. Owens and I have something special planned, but we need your help!  We are asking you, your students and parents to write short notes to Mrs. Floyd.  Please have these notes to either one of us NO later than Friday, May 24th.  We will give her all the notes inside something very special on the last day of school!  Thank you!”  -Mrs. Pappas

If you or your child would like to write a note to Mrs. Floyd, just send it in binders and I will make sure it gets to the correct person.  Thank you!

Below is a preview of some of the things we’ll be doing this week and what we have been working on:

For the rest of the school year, our academics will be focused around our theme of butterflies.  We will continue working on strengthening our reading and writing skills.  We will also continue learning our sight words.  In math, we will continue Addition and Subtraction as well as reviewing earlier skills we have previously learned.  The students have learned everything required, so now it is time to make sure we have our skills mastered.  I will sprinkle in some first grade things too.  Exciting!


Important Dates/Reminders:

*5/17 FINAL SPIRIT DAY of the school year (please make sure your child is in the classroom by the 8:00 bell, this is a SPIRIT Day the children aren’t going to want to miss due to our “tardy policy.”).  For this Spirit Day, Kindergarten will be participating in the KINDY 500 and will be racing their cars made by the big kids.  THEY WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

*5/18 Annual Dinner Auction @ Don & Dona’s at the Pavilion 6-11 p.m.  Please be sure your child is selling their raffle tickets.  This is our biggest school fundraiser.  You do NOT have to be present to win if you purchase raffle tickets.  If our class sells the most the children will earn an ice cream party!

*5/22 Kindergarten end of the year program (THIS WILL BE DURING SCHOOL HOURS THIS YEAR- Start time is 1:00 p.m.)

*5/22 Move-Up Day.  The children will get an opportunity to visit the 1st grade class to find out what 1st grade is all about at St. Rose.

*5/23 Kindergarten’s Last Mass

*5/24 Field Day (The children will be with their “families” this day.  This is who the children sat with at Seder Meal and the Thanksgiving Feast.)

*5/27 Memorial Day/NO SCHOOL

*5/29 Last Day of School


Lunch/Recess & Special Schedule

Daily Recess LC-1st grade:  10:30-11:00 & Lunch 11:00-11:30

Monday:  1:15-2:00  PE w/Mr. Setnor (Kindergarten & 1st grade combined)

Tuesday:  1:15-2:00  PE w/Mr. Setnor

Wednesday:  1:15-2:00  Art w/ Ms. Sargent 2:00 Dismissal EVERY Wednesday

Thursday:  8:30  Weekly Mass & 1:15-2:00 Music w/ Mrs. Langferman

Friday:  1:15-2:00 Library w/Ms. Sargent (Don’t forget to send in library books on Fridays so the students can get new ones)