Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. This week we will have 2 special services as a school family.  We will have a Seder Meal on Holy Thursday around 1:30 and on Good Friday, our 8th grade class will present “Mary’s Way of the Cross” at 12:15 in the church.  We hope you’ll join us on Friday if you can.  The 8th graders always do such a beautiful job and it’s always very moving. We will dismiss from the church at 1:00. Good Friday is an early dismissal day.  I’d like to wish you and your family a blessed Easter!  Have a wonderful week! Below is a preview of some of the things we’ll be doing this week :


This week we will work on reading & spelling diphthongs ou & ow, syllable division (vc/ccv & vcc/cv) and reading & spelling digraph au. The sight words that will be introduced with this week’s Phonic’s lessons are:  four, country & because.


There will be no spelling list this week. I will send home a new list on Friday for next week.


This week we will be reading a Time for Kids about different jobs.   The children will bring their books home on Monday evening for homework.  The children need to read pgs. 226-239  They will bring home a leveled reader on Wednesday  to read for homework.  PLEASE be sure the children return their books the NEXT day so they have them for reading here at school.  It’s a good idea to ask the “Think and Compare” questions at the end of each selection.  The children are really doing a good job reading their stories each week!  We couldn’t do it without your help and support!  THANK YOU!


Chapter 8/Two-Digit Addition & Subtraction.  Many of the children are getting pretty good at knowing their addition and subtraction math facts.  It’s still okay for them to use counters (or their fingers), however, I’ve encouraged the children to work with math flash cards this summer as extra practice, especially if they feel they have to use counters all of the time. The more confident they are when it comes to knowing their math facts, the better. The Xtra Math program is also another good tool for becoming more confident with math facts. We continue working on strategies that can be used when adding & subtracting (doubles, doubles plus one, make a ten, count up, count back, etc.).


This week we will continue reading short bible stories and open our Resurrection Eggs to learn more about Jesus’ death & Resurrection.  We will do different activities to gain a better understanding of Holy Week.  The children have enjoyed reading the Stations of the Cross with the 3rd grade class every Friday during Lent.  They are looking forward to seeing our 8th grade class present Mary’s Way of the Cross. The children are also looking forward to getting to take part in their 1st Seder Meal since we haven’t done this the past few years at St. Rose. Thanks to all who are helping in any way for the Seder Meal! This meal takes a lot of help, but it is such a neat experience for all.

Important Dates/Reminders:

*4/16 NUT Day for a donation to support Roncalli’s Dance Marathon for Riley Children’s Hospital.

*4/18  All School Seder Meal.

*4/19   Good Friday/Early Dismissal @ 1:00 p.m.  Our 8th grade class will once again do “Mary’s Way of the Cross” over at church before dismissal.  All are welcome to attend!  This is always a very powerful presentation!  It’s definitely something I look forward to every year during Holy Week. Field Day T-shirt order forms and money ($7) due. Please remember, if you have more than one child ordering a field day shirt EACH CHILD MUST HAND IN AN ORDER FORM.

*4/21  Easter Sunday

*4/22  We WILL be in school on Easter Monday. Field Day sponsorship forms are due.

*4/22-4/25 I will be assisting with the new ILEARN assessment for about an hour a day. Mr. Antle will cover for my class during this time. Please talk to your child about being on his/her BEST behavior for Mr. Antle. He knows our daily return well which will be very helpful during the times I will be out of the classroom. However, when the cat’s away, the mice do play! 🙂

*4/26 Mrs. Adams will be subbing for me. I will be in Evansville with my daughter as she registers for her freshman year of college. 🙂 I’m not sure how that’s even possible yet! I expect the children to be on their BEST behavior for Mrs. Adams. Your reminders at home are appreciated.

*Here are a few upcoming, important dates to put on your calendar (more information to come as these dates get closer):  5/3  VIP Day, 5/8 Final STEEP assessment, 5/17  Final Spirit Day, 5/18 Dinner Auction, 5/24 Field Day, 5/27  Memorial Day/NO SCHOOL & 5/29 Last Day of School.

*Thanks to all who have signed up to donate a game for our dinner auction basket. All items are due by Friday, May 3. We still have 2 spots left on our sign up genius if you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet and are able to do so please click on the link

*If you haven’t turned in your registration form for next year, please do so ASAP.  This helps us as we begin to prepare for next year already.  Thank you!

Lunch/Recess & Special Schedule (Please note the changes in red for this semester.):

Daily Recess LC-1st grade:  10:30-11:00 & Lunch 11:00-11:30

Monday:  1:15-2:00  PE w/Mr. Setnor (Kindergarten & 1st grade combined)

Tuesday:  12:30-1:15  Music w/Mrs. Langferman

Wednesday:  1:15-2:00  PE (1st & 2nd grade combined); 2:00 Dismissal EVERY Wednesday

Thursday:  8:30  Weekly Mass & 12:30-1:15  Library w/Ms. Sargent (Library books due every Thursday)

Friday:  11:45-12:30  Art w/Ms. Sargent

*Be sure to read Mrs. Floyd’s Weekly Roar & classroom newsletters (blogs) every Monday to keep up on all that is going on at St. Rose.  Also, be sure to check out our website frequently so you don’t miss out on anything important.  The Google calendar is always full of important dates and upcoming events.  You don’t want to miss out!