The Lion Cubs have really enjoyed our music theme this week! They played with many different rhythm instruments and even got to take a turn playing a little set of bells that played all the notes of the scale. The bells were not attached to each other so I let them see how they had to be set up in order from largest to smallest so that the notes would go up the scale.

We also worked on the letter P and made a picture with popcorn. The kids are doing such a great job at recognizing their letters.

We finally got to go to the playground this week!!! The kids were so excited! It’s been a long time, but when the ground is too wet to play out there, we have to play on the blacktop. Because they are running and playing, and because there is gravel out there on the playground, please make sure that your child is wearing socks and shoes (no sandals or dressy shoes, please). Thanks! That will really be helpful!

Next week we will be learning all about the Easter story. We will be reading a book called, “Easter Love Letters from God”. Of course, God’s amazing love is still a mystery to the most learned scholar, so teaching a preschooler about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is not the easiest thing to do. Then again, Jesus said we must enter the kingdom like a little child!

School will dismiss at 1 p.m. on Friday, April 19. Preschool should be picked up in the Atrium at 12:30 p.m.

The Eighth grade is presenting “Mary’s Way of the Cross” on Friday at 12:30. You may attend, but you would need to pick up your child first.

We are getting very low on snacks. I will be emailing you to see if you can bring a snack for the class. Thank you for your help.

May you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Mrs. Langferman