Week of April 8 to April 12

– Today we learned what a pilgrimage is and how the Stations of the Cross also known as the Way of the Cross are a pilgrimage. Did you ever consider your summer or spring break a pilgrimage? How about a trip to the back yard alone, by yourself. I bet not. Ask your precious one how that can be. Hopefully they will give you an answer that confirms they understood how finding their “holy” is a pilgrimage. We also are going in depth about the meaning and order of the Stations of the Cross.


Three traditional Lenten practices are fasting, almsgiving, and service to others. Here is a reminder about almsgiving in our room. After some great discussion our precious ones decided to practice all three during snack time.   Here is what I mean,on Thursdays we will not share snack, instead we will fast. Here comes almsgiving and service to others. We decided on Thursdays we would donate either can goods or some other offering to be shared with a food pantry during the Easter Season.   Please consider helping us participate in this practice.

LANGUAGE ARTS We will learn all the ins and outs of The Great Gilly Hopkins . Gilly is the main character of the novel we will start this week. Her character leads us to some pretty heavy vocabulary to talk about a person’s character. Gilly is a very rough foster who has been in and out of several foster homes and is defensive, sassy, snotty, rough, and generally nasty so she doesn’t have to care about anyone and maybe let them love her and she in turn love them. This week we will identify characters actions, motives, emotions, traits and feelings, share their point of view, draw conclusions. The author also uses some strong language to fit Gilly’s personality so if your child tells you there is cussing in the book, there is indeed. Those words are hell and damn.


SOCIAL STUDIES- Students will study the three branches of government and will learn the responsibilities of each. The will learn about how laws are created and who is involved in creating them,


MATH- We will continue to work on fraction addition and subtraction this week, as well as review previous skills


SCIENCE In science, using diagrams is an important way to present information. By using the resources listed below, students will learn about different types of diagrams. They will also have opportunities to practice reading and creating diagrams.


Special Note…………………………………………………

Today each student received two fliers for an eighth grade fundraiser. The directions were to have one signed and returned and the second is to post somewhere in your house

To remind you of the event this Saturday. If you received two please sign one and put a smiling face behind your name that way I know the directions were followed. That smiling face let’s me know they brought two home and they followed directions and can earn a reward. Thanks for your help.


Extra Extra

Monday: Art & Library

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Music & Early dismissal Lenten Penance Service 12:30

Thursday: Mass  8:30 & P.E.

Friday: library


Down the Road



We will be attending the Indianapolis Symphony on May 7th.  We have all the drivers we need so thank you for volunteering. There will be more details coming the closer we get to the date.




The dinner auction will be May 18th at the Pavilion. Back by popular demand are classroom baskets. I will be letting you know tomorrow what we will need. I will send the info in a sign up genius. Think TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME.