3rd Grade Weekly Wave                

RELIGION –  We will finish up Chapter 14 this week, however, due to other subject areas finishing up as well, we will not have a test over this chapter.  We will just move right on to Chapter 15. In this chapter we will talk about being faithful to our commitments, the mission of the Apostles, how Jesus teaches us to be faithful, and how we can serve others. 

**Don’t forget that all students should be in Mass uniform.
Girls – plaid jumper or skirt with white shirt/blouse –
We are now back to the girls being able to wear ONLY THE PLAID SKIRT OR JUMPER!!
Boys – blue pants and white shirt

 SPELLING – Our words this week will come from chapters 8-14 of Charlotte’s Web!  Please help your child study a few minutes each night leading up to our test on Wednesday.  These are tougher words and will take a little more study time!

Charlotte’s Web Spelling Words

READING This week we will be reading Chapters 8-14 of “Charlotte’s Web.”  Please be sure your child is finishing any reading homework at home if they have anything to complete.  We struggled a little last week with students NOT completing their work!  We will be trying to “catch up” this week with missing or incomplete assignments. 

GRAMMAR /VOCAB.Our Grammar and Vocabulary will come from our “Charlotte’s Web” story.

MATH   We will finish up Chapter 11 this week. I am hoping for a test on Thursday, so I have included a link to the TEST HINTS for Chapter 11. In our next chapter, we will start talking about fractions!

 Math Study Guide 11 

SCIENCE –   We will be having our test over Chapter 5 on Friday.  Please see the link below for the TEST HINTS!

Science Study Guide 5

SOCIAL STUDIES -In our next chapter we will talk about our community’s geography. We will look at how we can describe a place such as different landforms and bodies of water.  We will talk about what people add to a place as well as their environments.  We will look at how to read a landform map and how to find cardinal and intermediate directions.  

April 10 – Special Guest Visitor to talk to us about local government (See below for info)
April 17 – 3rd Grade Field Trip to Benjamin Harrison Home
April 22 – Start of ILEARN State Testing (see below for info)
April 19 – Good Friday – Early Dismissal at 1pm
May 6 – PRIDE Meeting
May 24 – Field Day
May 27 – No School – Memorial Day
May 29 – Last Day of School 

On Wednesday, grades 2-8 will be visited by former St. Rose Lion Aaron Smith.  Aaron is currently running for City Council in Noblesville! Aaron attended St. Rose, Roncalli, and studied Politics at Catholic University of America, in D. C.  He is excited to come and talk to our students about local government, and what he is hoping to do as a City Councilman.  If you are interested in listening to him talk, you are welcome to join us.  He will be talking to grades 2-4 from 9-9:30 and grades 5-8 from 9:30-10!  I am super excited for him to come and talk to us!  I taught him in Preschool and 3rd grade and he was our “personal tour guide” when my family visited D. C. a few years back!

We will be going to President Benjamin Harrison Home on Wednesday, April 17.  I am still missing a few permission slips and payment of $6 for each student.  Students will need to wear their school uniform and bring a sack lunch and drink.  Parents will also need to bring a sack lunch and drink.
I have the following parents going with us (Please let me know if I have something incorrect.) I will let you know by the end of the week if I have you driving or as a passenger in another car.
Mrs. Staehler
Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Larmour
Mrs. Miller (Emily)
Mrs. Miller (Carly)
Please also remember that according to our School Handbook “Due to insurance reasons and practicality, siblings are not permitted to attend classroom field trips.”

We will be ILEARN Testing on the following dates!  Please try not to have any doctor/dentist appointments on these days.  I plan to test in the morning, so all students will need to be at school on time and ready to go.  Please let me know if you have questions about testing times and days.
Monday – April 22 – Practice Tests
Tuesday – April 23 – Testing begins at 8:30
Thursday – April 25 – Testing begins at 9:30 (after Mass)
Tuesday – April 30 – Testing begins at 8:30

The St. Rose Dinner Auction “Footloose” will be on Saturday, May 18 at Don & Dona’s Restaurant. Each class is being asked to put a basket together that will then be auctioned off that night!  The 3rd Grade Class will be putting together a BASKET OF CHOCOLATE!!! I like to call it “DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!!”  Please see the link for more details and information!


The Rice Bowls will be due during Holy Week!  I would like to have them all turned in by Good Friday!

Rice Bowls 2019

Please see the link below for Summer Camps being offered at Roncalli.
Summer Camp Bulletin(newsletter-parish bulletins)

School Sweatshirts / Winter Coats
 Please be aware that the uniform policy says “School sweatshirts are the only ones allowed and must be worn with a collared uniform shirt underneath.”  
I usually have my window opened at least a little all year long, so if your child is one to get cold easily, you may want to make sure they have and bring, a school uniform sweatshirt to wear in class.

Please be sure your child comes to school each day with a coat or heavy jacket.  Hats and gloves are also good to have tucked into the pockets!  We will go outside unless it is 25 degrees or below!

AS STATED IN THE HANDBOOK – If your child is tardy 3 times during the month, they will not be allowed to dress out of uniform for Spirit Day.  If they have 6 or more tardies in the same month, they will not be allowed to dress out of uniform nor will they be allowed to participate in Spirit Day.
The timing on this goes from SPIRIT DAY of one month to the day before the SPIRIT DAY of the next month.   

ALL STUDENTS should be bringing their school PE UNIFORM each Thursday and Friday!  I understand that every once in a while, they may forget, but too many times of forgetting will lead to lowered scores in PE, along with the student clipping down in class for not having their PE clothes. 

We no longer need to make sure to have sweatpants or leggings on for dismissal!  I hope we have warmed up enough to not them!  

GOLDEN TICKETS REWARD SYSTEM – Please click on the link below to read my letter that explains our Golden Ticket Reward System.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Golden-Ticket-Reward-System (3)

Monday  – PE

Tuesday  –  MUSIC 


Thursday  –  MASS and PE

Friday ART and PE