The Lion Cubs have been learning about St. Patrick this week.  We sang a song about “I’m a little leprechaun” and made shamrock paintings with green paint and marshmallows!  We also worked on the number 13 and the letter Mm.

Next week will be all about Spring!  We will sing our seasons song and talk about all the changes in the seasons.  We will plant grass seed in a paper cup and watch for it to grow.

Our letter of the week will be Nn and the number will be 14.

If you got a message from “Class Dojo”, please join our group.  This is an app that will enable Ms. Eastham and I to keep you up to date with our class activities through photos that we take at school.  I am excited to give this a try and if we like it (I think we will)- I will use this next year from the beginning.  Let me know if you have any trouble getting connected to the app or the group.

Remember that Thursday, March 21 is our last day before spring break.  Break starts on Friday, March 22 and school resumes on Monday, April 1.

We have had lots of little ones out sick this week.  Hope everyone feels better soon!