Week of March 11 through March 15

-All activities will reflect or study of Lent.  Any work not completed in class becomes homework.  This homework will then be do the following morning.  It will need to be turned into Mrs. Tieken before the 8:00 bell. Failure to turn it in before the 8:00 bell will earn your student a zero.  They know the exceptions.

Three traditional Lenten practices are fasting, almsgiving, and service to others. After some great discussion our precious ones decided to practice all three during snack time. Here is what I mean…on Thursdays we will not share snack, instead we will fast. Here comes almsgiving and service to others.   We decided on Thursdays we would donate either can goods or some other offering to be shared with a food pantry during the Easter Season.   Please consider helping us participate in this practice.



LANGUAGE ARTSwe have finished our non-fiction text feature and the result is an autobiography. They are delightful and very creative. They will be hanging in the hall for a while before they come home. This weeks activities will reflect non-fiction text feature review, vocabulary, comprehension using race, summarizing, and following directions.

SOCIAL STUDIES-Activities will reflect comprehension for War Between the States

MATH- We will review comparing and ordering fractions this week. We will test on Thursday. We will also focus on parallelograms. This will NOT be on the test. The other geometry content we learned last week will also NOT be on the test.

SCIENCE-Activities will reflect vocabulary practice. We will also learn about weathering and erosion. All students have either a weathering or erosion project to complete. Directions rubrics came home last Wednesday, and we cleared up some questions this morning.   All projects are due Monday March 18th. This will give everyone two weekends to work if necessary. All students will present their projects to the class in random order so EVERYONE needs to be ready on that Monday.

As always and just in case 317-787-0371 if you have questions, comments, or concern

Extra Extra

Monday: Art & Library

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Music & Early dismissal P.R.I.D.E.

Thursday: Mass  8:30 & P.E.

Friday: library NUT day for P.R.I.D.E.

Down the Road

We will be attending the Indianapolis Symphony on May 7th.  We have all the drivers we need so thank you for volunteering. There will be more details coming the closer we get to the date.


The dinner auction \will be May 18th at the Pavilion. Back by popular demand are classroom baskets. I will be letting you know soon what we will need. Just wanted to give you a heads up.