The children were very excited to ship their class book, “Elephant & Piggie Visit St. Rose & Make A Mess,” off to the publisher on Friday.  They can’t wait to see their finished product!  For those that ordered a book, they should arrive shortly after spring break.  I am very PROUD of the children for their hard work.  They learned a lot about all of the steps it takes to write and illustrate a book.  They did a great job becoming authors and illustrators as first graders! 🙂   It’s hard to believe that the end of the 3rd quarter is this Friday and we will only have 9 weeks of school to go!  Where has the year gone?!?  The children have shown a lot of growth since the first day of school.  Thanks for all of your help and support at home!  It truly makes a difference!  Thanks to all who signed up to do Math-A-Thon.  Ms. Coleman ordered the fun books on Friday for those who turned in permission slips.  I will send them home as soon as they arrive.  Have a great week!  Below is a preview of some of the things we’ll be doing this week :


This week we will continue to work on syllable division:  The rule v’/cv with i & e and o & u, open, unaccented vowel rule and reading & spelling digraph ea (part 1).  The sight words that will be introduced with this week’s Phonics lessons are:  today, together, tomorrow & again.  


This week’s spelling words are (these words came home on 2/28)off, boy, hiding, turtle, disturb, survive, acorn, Friday, elbow, hurt, many* & any* (* words are not to, be sounded out) with BONUS WORDS:  ashes, partner, Lent.  The children will also be given a sentence to write:  Curt burned his hand on the hot car.  The pre-test will be on Wednesday and the final test on Friday.  If the children spell all of the words (including writing the sentence & bonus words IF they accept the challenge) correct on Wednesday, they will NOT have to take the test on Friday.  **A few students have been struggling with spelling tests as the words are becoming more challenging.  I send the words home on Friday (the week before the final test) so that the children have plenty of time to work on these words.  Please be sure to start working on these words as soon as possible, especially if your child is having difficulty.  Some suggestions:  Use the Saxon Rule boxes on the back of the pages that come home to help them make connections or have your child “code” their words at home (I go over the words & break them down for them every Monday), have your child spell the words out loud as they are writing each letter, write the spelling words on index cards & make a memory game out of them, have your child use shaving cream on the counter or on the bathtub wall to spell out the words.  The more the children can get their senses involved the better (see them, say them, touch them).  If your child is struggling, work on 3-4 words a day instead of trying to tackle them all in one sitting.**


This week we will be reading “A Fruit Is A Suitcase For Seeds” (Main Selection).  The children will bring their books home on Monday evening for homework.   Please read pgs. 130 & 131 before reading the story & discuss the vocabulary words to make sure the children have a clear understanding of these words.  They will bring home a leveled reader on Wednesday  to read for homework.  PLEASE be sure the children return their books the NEXT day so they have them for reading here at school.  It’s a good idea to ask the “Think and Compare” questions at the end of each selection.  The children are really doing a good job reading their stories each week!  We couldn’t do it without your help and support!  THANK YOU!


We will be skipping Chapter 8 for now & will move on to Chapter 9/Measurement.  In this chapter the children will use length to compare, order, and measure objects.  They will also use time to tell time to the hour & half hour.


Each student will be picking a prayer partner to pray for during Lent.  Be sure to ask your child who they are to be praying for during Lent and encourage them to do so.  On Friday Mrs. Tieken challenged us all to be “Good Deed Doers.”  She gave each one of us a plastic Easter egg to fill with 7 good deeds we will try to do during Lent.  The eggs will be presented at the offertory each week at our school mass as a reminder to make sure we are working on our good deeds.  Between masses each week, the basket will sit in the atrium to remind us of our commitment to be Good Deed Doers.  Ask your child what good deeds they put in their egg.  On Easter Monday we will get our eggs back so we can reflect on how well we fulfilled our good deeds.  We will be getting our parts for next week’s mass & we will listen to the Stations of the Cross again this week with the 3rd grade class on Friday at church.

Important Dates/Reminders:

*3/13  PRIDE meeting at 6:30 p.m.

*3/15  End of the 3rd quarter.  PRIDE NUT day for those students whose parents attend this week’s PRIDE meeting.  Knights of Columbus Fish Fry in the PLC from 4:30-7:30.

*3/17  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

*3/20  Report Cards go home & Spring Pictures.  OFFICIAL, FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! 🙂

*3/21  1st grade will participate in mass (mass parts will come home at the end of the week) & Honor’s Day in church immediately following mass.

*3/22-3/29  Spring Break.  (THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, MARCH 22.)  School uniform shorts will be allowed to be worn AFTER spring break EXCEPT for on mass days.

*If you haven’t turned in your registration form for next year, please do so ASAP.  This helps us as we begin to prepare for next year already.  Thank you!

*Mark your calendar for this year’s annual Dinner Auction on Saturday, May 18 @ Don & Dona’s at the Pavilion.  Each classroom will be putting together a basket for the silent auction.  The first grade class will be putting together a BOARD GAME BASKET.  More details to come after spring break.

Lunch/Recess & Special Schedule (Please note the changes in red for this semester.):

Daily Recess LC-1st grade:  10:30-11:00 & Lunch 11:00-11:30

Monday:  1:15-2:00  PE w/Mr. Setnor (Kindergarten & 1st grade combined)

Tuesday:  12:30-1:15  Music w/Mrs. Langferman

Wednesday:  1:15-2:00  PE (1st & 2nd grade combined); 2:00 Dismissal EVERY Wednesday

Thursday:  8:30  Weekly Mass & 12:30-1:15  Library w/Ms. Sargent (Library books due every Thursday)

Friday:  11:45-12:30  Art w/Ms. Sargent

*Be sure to read Mrs. Floyd’s Weekly Roar & classroom newsletters (blogs) every Monday to keep up on all that is going on at St. Rose.  Also, be sure to check out our website frequently so you don’t miss out on anything important.  The Google calendar is always full of important dates and upcoming events.  You don’t want to miss out!