Hello Parents!


  • Vocab quiz on Friday this week! Rdg. log due Fri. this week, and vocab hw due Tues.
  • Registration packets due back ASAP for next year! 🙂
  • The 3 required AR books to be read for 3rd quarter are fiction books. Students have until the end of the quarter and can test on more than three books if they want to try for a higher score in the grade book. I will enter 0’s for any unfinished AR scores this week, since it is already halfway through 3rd qtr. 
  • Save the date!! The Dayton Wright-Patterson AFB Museum field trip for 6th grade is set for Thursday, April 4th, 2019.
  • This Thurs., 2/14, students can come out of uniform if they wear pink/red/purple for Valentine’s Day.


6th Grade:

Rdg: Begin Number the Stars this week

LA: identifying literary elements in the current novel

6th Vocabulary: List 14 – weather words


7th Grade:

LA: grammar review games for commas in a variety of different places in stories

7B Rdg Grp:  Identification of flashback and foreshadowing in short stories

7th Vocabulary List: List 14 – What We’d Like Said About Us


8th Grade:

LA: grammar review games for semicolons, commas, apostrophes, parallel structure, subj/verb agreement

7A/8B Rdg. Grp: Identify & analyze theme and symbolism in short stories

8A Rdg. Grp: Identification, interpretation, and analysis of theme, foreshadowing, flashbacks, and conflicts in short story context.

8th Vocabulary List: List 30 – All About the Senses