The Lion Cubs have been learning about how to keep from spreading germs!!!  We learned a song about how to “Cover your cough, cover your sneeze, use a tissue, wash your hands, keep your own germs, please!”  (Tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat).  We also sang, “This is the way we wash our hands” (Tune of Mulberry Bush).  You might want to reinforce these things at home!!

We made a “Hot Chocolate” picture for the letter H.  We also colored our number 8.  Our Bible verse is “God is Love”. 1 John 4:8.

Next week we will be reading books about Valentine’s Day.   We will talk about kindness and love.  We will be working on our Bible verse all month.  On Wednesday our class will celebrate Valentines Day.  If your child would like to bring in Valentines, they may do so on Wednesday.  PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THE INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN’S NAMES ON THE VALENTINES.  You may sign your child’s name and we will need 16 Valentines for the whole class.  Please wear red or pink on Wednesday.  The rest of the school is doing this on Thursday.  Since all of our class is not attending on Thursdays, we will do this on Wednesday, but they may wear those colors on Thursday, too, if they wish!!

Since there was a day off last week on Wednesday for the cold weather, we will be having a make-up day on Monday, Feb. 18 (President’s Day).  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE ORIGINAL CALENDAR.  SO —THERE WILL BE SCHOOL ON MONDAY, FEB. 18.

Next week we will be on the letter Ii and the number 9.

Have a great weekend!