The children will have regular class time. Our day will have a Valentine’s Day theme. The children will have a special Valentine’s Day snack and make a craft. If you want to send in a non-food/candy goody bag with your child’s Valentine’s Day cards that is fine.

Please refrain from putting food/candy in the goody bags.

When you prepare your child’s valentines, PLEASE DO NOT put your child’s classmates names on the cards. It takes longer trying to find the bag. Please remember, we have 23 preschoolers passing out 23 valentines, that alone takes time without the names on the cards. If the names are on the cards, Mrs. Eberhart or I will have to pass them out to save time and move on to the next student to pass out their valentines.   The children love passing out their own valentines therefore, please refrain from personalizing the cards with the other children’s names. Thank you in advance! J

The children can wear Valentine’s Day colors on this day. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Mrs. Mace