Hi parents!


This is not our normal newsletter, but we have so much fun stuff coming up that I wanted to keep you all in the loop.  January is a busy time!  For reference, I will also put this email up on the website.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break!  I am ready to get back and to hit the ground running.  The second semester of Kindergarten is filled with so much growth, and I am excited to help the kiddos get ready for first grade!


In preparation for first grade, I am going to start assigning weekly homework this semester.  It will be the same every week.  On Monday, a paper book will come home with your child.  This book stays at home and is yours to keep.  Please have your child read this book to you every night.  On Wednesday night, your child should complete a book review, or reflection.  This is a simple paper that will also be sent home with the book on Monday.  The reflection should only take 10-15 minutes to complete.  Please help your child write a proper sentence on the reflection.  Due to the short week, we will start homework next Monday!  Please let me know if you have any questions!


If your child completed the Christmas break activities, don’t forget to send those in so he/she can get a prize.  Thank you for your help with this!


We are now going to practice writing our last names.  For now, students’ last names are on their tables for reference, but eventually I will take those off and expect that students can write their last names independently.  Please practice at home if needed.


I want to welcome our 2 new assistants to our classroom!  On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Ms. Eastham will be with our class all day.  She has already filled in as the assistant in the Lion Cubs room in the 2 weeks before Christmas break, and I have heard wonderful things.  I am excited for her to join us!  On Mondays and Wednesday mornings, Mrs. Sanchez will be with us.  She is a classroom parent, and I already know how great she is! 😊


Due to the new homework coming home on Mondays, I will now be sending home papers on Mondays and Thursdays instead of Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Thank you for your flexibility with this!


Report cards will be coming home later this week!  This is the first real Kindergarten report card for the year.  I will send out an email this week explaining what the grades mean and how the report cards work.  Stay tuned for that!


Kindergarten’s first mass is coming up!  Some students will be reading in church or may have another role in the service.  I will let you know soon if your child will be participating.  If your child has a reading part, please help them practice this at home.  It is very cool to see Kindergarten participate.


Our 100th day of school is also quickly approaching!  More info to come soon…


This week we will be working on the sh digraph.  We will be talking about the New Year and discussing goal setting and what we want to achieve with our time left in Kindergarten.  We will also be learning about hibernation, migration, and adaptation.