Book Fair

Hello Parents,

Book Fair is open and ready for visitors!

The Book Fair will be open until Thursday, December 13th.

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 2:00pm.

11:00 am – Noon for Lunch.

Over the years we have taken the preschoolers to the Book Fair to pre-shop for books and send home a list of what they wanted. However, this method does not work well with the preschoolers. At their age, they are picking books that are shinny and sparkly and over their heads on the age range of the books. They also want to pick toys and other things that are not preschool age appropriate. Some of the preschoolers get upset and don’t understand why they cannot take the books with them or why they can’t have everything on their list.

Therefore, if you would like your child to have a book from the Book Fair, I am asking the parents to shop with your children between the dates and times listed above. You will be able to help your child pick out a preschool age book and as their parents, you know what kind of books they like and will enjoy.

This will work out much better for the preschoolers. Please don’t send in money for the Book Fair with your child, we will not be visiting the Book Fair as a class and your child will not have anyone to take them to the Book Fair.

If you have any questions regarding the Book Fair, please let me know.

Thank you,
Mrs. Mace