The Christmas Program will be held on Thursday, December 13th.  We will be asking for all families to arrive at 6:15-6:20 on this day.  Families should drop their child off in the classroom and then head to the PLC.  Students will make their entrance later.  Students are asked to dress in their Sunday best for this occasion.


Math test over place value, rounding, comparing, and adding and subtracting decimals on Tuesday this week. We will then begin the next chapter over multiplying decimals. It is my plan to have a short quiz before break over multiplication. Students need to work on their fast facts.

Social Studies-

We are discussing the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies this week, as well as starting our study guides. I hope to test next week or the last week of school before break.  Extra credit projects that were handed out last week are due on Dec. 7.  



From Mrs. Tieken: We will begin our study of Advent.  Study the notes every night so you are ready for any activities we may do.


Reading/Language Arts-

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on figurative language (metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole, etc.). We will apply this to literature and in our writing. All of the books we will use for our reading and grammar activities will be Christmas themed. We will continue to work on answering comprehension questions by using text-based evidence by reading passages and doing research in a “Christmas Around the World” activity.

Vocabulary: We are supposed to test on Friday. Students should be studying on a daily basis. 

Writer’s Workshop: We are wrapping up our narratives this week. Students will make their changes to the documents on their chromebooks so that I can grade them. 

All students must have one AR novel read by Dec. 19 and have AR test taken for a grade. Genre assigned is historical fiction. 



Biome/food chain projects were assigned last week. We may have work days in class, but the majority of work will need to be done at home. If the use of a computer is an issue (research), please let me know and the student can arrange to work at recess or you can set up time for them to come in early or stay after school. Pictures do not need to be printed but can be hand drawn. Please assist students in getting the resources they need (books, internet, library, etc), but please encourage them to work independently. This project is due on December 19.




Monday:  Music 2:00-2:40

Tuesday: PE 2:00-2:40 (bring clothes)

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Band 9:30-10:15,  Art 2:00-2:40

Friday:  PE 1:15-2:00 (bring clothes)