Hello Parents!


  • Vocab. homework due Tuesday this week, reading log due on Friday, 12/7 Vocab. quiz on Friday, 12/7.
  • The 3 required AR books to be read for this quarter are Non-fiction books. They have until the end of the quarter and can test on more than three books if they want to try for a higher score in the grade book.
  • 6th grade does not have to do a reading log this week due to excellent overall scores on last week’s vocab quiz! 🙂 
  • Save the date!! The Dayton WPAFB Museum field trip for 6th grade is set for Thursday, April 4th, 2019.
  • Spirit Day is Friday, 12/7!


6th Grade:

Rdg: Continue reading Touching Spirit Bear, by Ben Mikaelsen. Critical thinking questions and identifying literary elements as we read. We are almost finished!

LA: Literary elements – identifying symbolism and foreshadowing

6th Vocabulary: List 11 – Words from Literature


7th Grade:

LA: Continue Genius Hour until the end of the quarter. Scavenger hunt grammar review of specific concepts from 2nd quarter.

7B Rdg Grp: Continue reading The Girl Who Owned a City. Finish up school safety plan as compared to the school/city in the novel.

7th Vocabulary List: List 11 – How We Move


8th Grade:

LA: Continue Genius Hour service research projects (to be done at school unless unfinished by the end of the quarter). Scavenger hunt grammar review of concepts from 2nd quarter.

7A/8B Rdg. Grp: Continue watching the movie “The Outsiders” and comparing it to the novel. Begin persuasive essay as the prosecuting or defense attorney for characters in the novel (to be finished at the end of next week).

8A Rdg. Grp: Rhetorical devices: ethos, pathos, logos, identifying in commercials/movies, then using them to create a movie trailer for the “Code Orange” movie (to be finished by the end of next week).

8th Vocabulary List: List 27 – How Much or How Little