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Preschool Parents,

The holidays are coming upon us fast and our lives are going to start getting hectic and very busy! We are going to start stretching ourselves thin, and we end up missing the best part of the holidays. We find ourselves shopping until we drop, attending Company Christmas parties, family and friends Christmas parties, baking, Christmas tree decorating and the list keeps going and going. We often miss out on spending quality time with our families.

The preschoolers are inviting their parents and guest to come and hear them sing some Christmas songs.   This is a way to spend quality time with your child and not have to add one more thing to your evening calendar. This will free up an evening that can be spent on family time at home.

     The children can wear their Christmas best for the program.

If your child usually leaves at 11:00am, you have some options; they can either stay all day or they can come back at 2:00pm for the program. Please let me know what your decision will be so I can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Thank you and Merry Christmas,

Mrs. Mace and Mrs. Eberhart

Kindergarten Bound Christmas Carols

Friday, December 14th

@ 2:00pm

In the PLC