Week of September 17-21

Here’s hoping you had a blessed weekend!

Please look for graded papers in the green folders today. ALL papers should be taken out and left at home. Also in the green folder is a field trip permission slip.   Our littles should share this with you and return it in a timely manner.

Religion- We began our study of The Seven Sacraments. So far we have learned the Sacraments are divided into special categories depending on the gifts and graces we receive from each. In our continued study our objectives will be to understand the definition of a Sacrament and understand how the Sacraments affect our daily lives. I strongly suggest everyone study notes and handouts nightly. Many did not follow these directions and the score reflect that.

Science- We have begun our study of vertebrates and invertebrates.  We already have a good grasp on the vocabulary and the graded test should be in their green folder. Ask your little what new material we covered today. If your student studies highlighted materials, and their handwritten notes every evening they should have no trouble come test time.

Social Studies-Please look for the new Indiana Studies Weekly. This week we are studying the Northern Lake Region. Ask you peep how glaciers changed the land forms in early Indiana. All activities will help your peep understand the geological features of the land we call home. Please help your student study the highlighted areas so they will be ready for class discussions Study a little every night so there will not be a lot to study the night before the test.

Math- This week, we will multiply using the distributive form, expanded form, and partial product. Students should not only be practicing their addition flashcards at night but also their multiplication flashcards, as fast facts are slowing down several of us. *If your student wants to log on to Xtra Math at home, they need to enter my email address, [email protected], and their username and password. Once they are in, they should click on the bottom name. If it asks for a code, they are not clicking on the right name (their name) to get in. Last year’s account wants a code, this year’s does not.

Reading- This week we will be working on Non-fiction text features. When we are finished we will have created a Non-fiction text feature entitled “ALL ABOUT ME”. We have also created “grave yards” in which to bury words we don’t use at the beginning of sentences. Ask your little what words they “buried”.

Language Arts-Something old, something new, something borrowed, something that won’t make us blue…that is what our new paragraph writing strategy is. Something old is the paragraph writing. Something new, scaffolding, this is a skill that lets us build our paragraphs daily to create wonderful stories. Something borrowed, I learned this strategy from a peer who has used it for years and had great success, and created many skilled writers. Having success and being skilled writers washes away all the blues.

Extra Extra

  • Monday: Art & Library
  • Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Music Mass
  • Thursday:   P.E.     Special Assembly 8:00
  • Friday: Library