The Lion Cubs enjoyed our Farm Week!  You may have seen some finger puppets and paper bag puppets that are farm animals.  We made our farm pictures with stickers, too!  We sorted and counted vegetables that grow on the farm.  We read about farm animals and acted out some of the animals.  We sang “Old MacDonald”, too!

We are still working on memorizing our September Bible verse, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Matthew 19:14.  We are singing “Our God is so great” and “Yes, Jesus Loves Me”.

Next week we are going to have our Nursery Rhyme theme.  I’m sure you remember all those cute little rhymes from your childhood!  Believe it or not, they actually help your child learn language skills!  The rhyming, memorization, songs and stories help with speech, memory, vocabulary, context, sequencing and patterns!  So, read some nursery rhymes (or sing them) with your child and have some fun with them!

The children are getting better at all of our procedures!  It has been a big transition for them, especially if they have never been in school before.  We are hardly having any criers at all and those that do, not for long!  We are able to do more in circle and are enjoying many good books!

If your child is still crying at drop off, please leave as soon as possible.  Know that it only makes it worse when you stay longer!  If you can, drop them off at the door and run!

TRASH BAG ORDERS:  These are due on Thursday, Sept. 27.  These really are the best trash bags around! Try to help out our school and buy a couple of rolls for yourself, even if you can’t go around selling them.

Thanks for entrusting your child to us at St. Rose of Lima School.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Mrs. Langferman