Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hello Parents,

The children practiced writing the letters Aa-Ee and numbers 0-5. Tomorrow, the children will test on these letters and numbers. Please look over your child’s practice paper and help them with the letters and numbers they had difficulty with during the practice writing today. I will start testing the children next week for their 1st Quarter Progress Reports, which will come home on Wednesday, October 10th.

We worked in our religion book today. The children have three religion books. One is about different stories about Jesus told at a preschool level. The second one is a Christmas religion book; we will stop working in the storybook in November and start working in our Christmas book. The Christmas book will come home before Christmas Break. Our third book is our Easter Book. This book will also come home after Easter. The Story religion book will come home at the end of the school year.

Art Class was today with Miss. Sargent. The children love making art projects with Miss. Sargent!

Don’t forget, Friday is show-n-tell and the children listed below will need to bring one item from home starting with the letter Ee.

Children Participating In Show – n – tell
Friday, September 14tth


Don’t forget to send in the scarecrow (decorated) from your Family Fun Packet! We want to start displaying the children’s artwork. We are still looking for nine more children to send in their scarecrows. If your child has not decorated their scarecrow, please help them decorate their scarecrow and send it back to be displayed in the classroom.