Monday, August 20, 2018

Hello Parents,

Today, the children are starting a new letter-of-the-week, the letter Bb. We are also starting the number-of-the-week, the number 2. Below are the sight words we will add to our list this week.

New Sight Words Underlined In Bold

a, and, are, be, big

For our letter-of-the-week craft, the children made a bear. Mrs. Eberhart is cutting out all the pieces for the children’s artwork for now. The children will continue working on their cutting skills with the worksheets we are giving them. We will continue to prep their artwork, until they are ready to work independently on their own. Please continue to work with your child on their cutting skills at home.

Listed below are the children who will participate in show-n-tell this Friday for the letter Bb.

Show-n-tell Participants
Friday, August 24th



Thursday, August 23rd.
Order forms will be coming home in your child’s
folder this week.

Ask your child how to make the letter B in sign language? Have your child show you how to sign the words: (boy, bed, baby).