Hello Parents!


  • First week for vocab homework (due Tues.), reading log (due Fri.), and vocab quiz (on Fri.). I will email out a copy of the 1st quarter reading log in case kids need it at home, but they can access a copy each week from the Google Classroom assignment.
  • Mass uniforms required on Thurs. this week.
  • Please print, sign, and return the discipline plan ASAP. I have most, but still need a few. Thanks!


  • 6th Grade:

Rdg: begin daily journals in class, walk through reading log requirements, practice time for Quizlet and vocab words, begin 6 Traits of Writing.

LA: 6 Traits of Writing and Scope Magazine practice

6th Vocabulary: List 1 – Synonyms


7th Grade:

LA: Introduce 4 types of sentences (simple, compound, complex, complex/compound)

7B Rdg Grp: Critical thinking survival activity

7th Vocabulary List: List 1 – Places




7A/8B Rdg. Grp: Review and practice 4 types of sentences (simple, compound, complex, complex/compound)

8A Rdg. Grp: Critical thinking planning, presentation activity w/ partners

8th Vocabulary List: List 16 – All Types of People