Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hello Parents,

Another successful day in Kindergarten Bound! J

Today, the children colored our schools mascot (Lion!) and had carpet time. We started learning the months of the year, days of the week, weather and counting! We read a story; Clark The Shark Goes To School. Ask your child what Clark the Shark did when he went to school? J

I usually have Kindergarten Bound Back To School Night before school starts. This year, I went to bed one summer night and woke up to the first day of school! (LOL!) We will have our Back To School Night with grades K-5th on Thursday, August 16th from 6-7:30pm.

I wanted to go over just a few things and reminders:

· If you would like to send your child with a water bottle to have during the day, please make sure you put their name on the water bottle. If they need to be filled up, I have a Culligan water cooler to fill up water bottles. J I will send the water bottles home everyday with your child so you can clean them, especially during the flu and cold seasons. J

· Socks must be worn at all times during school, even with sandals.

· Girls cannot wear heels higher than 1 inch. I prefer they don’t wear heals during school due to running around during recess. I am afraid they will twist their ankle.

· If you need to pick up your child early for any reason, you must go to the school office and sign them out. When Mrs. Carnes or someone from the office calls me on the intercom, I will open our door for that parent or whoever is picking up. This is for your child’s safety. Your children are my children until I hand them back to you at the end of their day. Their safety is my first priority.

· If you are late bringing your child to school (after 8:00am) you will need to go to the office and sign them in. I will not be allowed to open my classroom door until I receive a call from the school office telling me you are on your way to drop off your child. This is also for your child’s safety.

· Starting Wednesday, August 15th and every Wednesday thereafter for the whole school year, St. Rose and the Franklin Schools will dismiss at 2:00pm. Therefore, if your child is full days, Kindergarten Bound Preschool will dismiss at 1:30pm every Wednesday. All other days, (Mon, Tue, Thurs. Fri.) we will dismiss at 2:30pm. The reason for early dismissal from the rest of the grades K-8th are for the parents of preschoolers to be able to pick their children up before the rest of the students dismiss to their cars at 2:55pm. It can become a little overwhelming to the preschoolers with all the students walking to their cars.

· Girls need to wear shorts under their skirts and dresses. When the girls are playing outside, they are hanging upside down on the even bars, playing on the monkey bars or doing cartwheels, I want to make sure they are dressed appropriately. Thank you! J

· Make sure you have an extra change of clothes in your child’s book bag just in case they have an accident. Also, if you want to pack a light sweatshirt or sweater just in case they get a little cold during the day. With the air conditioners running, it sometimes gets a little cold.

· Until I receive everyone’s forms back to let me know about any food allergies, I will not be serving snack. I am asking parents to bring in store brought snacks for the whole class. When our snack cabinet starts getting low, I will send out a request to refill our supply. PLEASE make sure the snacks are peanut free. We have a total of 21 children in our class so far. Ideas for snack: Gold Fish, graham crackers, fruit snacks, veggie straws, veggie chips, Rice Krispies treats, cookies (Meyer’s have snack size chocolate chip cookies that are allergy free), animal crackers, or pretzels.

· NO TOYS: Please make sure your child is not bring toys, stuff animals and/or blankets to school. We do not lie down for rest time. They sit at their desk during rest time and do not need these items. We have toys to play with in the classroom during playtime. When we start our letter of the week, the children will bring one item that will start with the letter for show-n-tell. More information regarding show-n-tell will come home soon. In the past, the children would bring toys to school and would misplace them or it would get broken. I would have some unhappy children and parents. I stopped allowing the preschoolers to bring personal items to school that is not asked by the teacher. Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter. J

Please look over the St. Rose Handbook regarding dress codes this also includes, hair, jewelry and other rules and information to make your experience with St. Rose a great one! J

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you and have a great day!

Mrs. Mace